Like nearly every storyteller since the beginning of time, I want to get people to think about the human condition. We live in a period of history where media surrounds us and ideas get lost in five hundred channels of television. Print advertising in magazines and posters on the subway are drowned out by the latest Apple­-manufactured, internet-connected device proliferating our ears, our eyes, our minds. On a daily basis, interests and opinions are swayed by false information wrapped in beautiful new media packaging, where the semiotics of language and imagery become even more important than ever before. I would like to use my creative talents to bring my ideas and stories to the masses through the use of media, traditional and new, and explore methods of breaking through the clutter that surrounds us.

I’m a Producer, Director, Screenwriter and Photographer based in New York City.

I, also, do a bit of lighting design for stage productions for fun.

I tell stories of companies, primarily apparel and beauty brands, in my commercial film and still photography work by creating advertising campaigns, commercials, catalogs and look books that are based on solid research into my client’s target market and a firm understanding of what sells products.

My film work focuses on people bringing interesting, timely and socially relevant stories to the big screen and television. In addition to my screenwriting projects, I also write poetry, short stories and commentary on society.

In short, I’m a story teller sharing stories through films, the stage, photography and words.

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Kevin Michael Reed Studio is a photography studio and production company focusing primarily on creating advertising campaigns, commercials, catalogs and look books for fashion and cosmetic brands.

Squire Lane Films, Inc.
Squire Lane Films is dedicated to bringing socially relevant films to the big screen and television.

PROJECTS serves as a blog and venue to feature my creative and academic writing projects, as well as the thought process behind the projects I’m currently working on.


After 10 years away from theatre, Kevin Michael Reed returned to lighting design for the stage in 2014. Here is a gallery of my most recent work.