“Mary Poppins” – July 2015

ClientTrumbull Youth AssociationServicesLighting DesignYearJuly 2015Linktrumbullyouth.org

Presented by Trumbull Youth Association. Directed by Brett Boles.

Disney’s “Mary Poppins“. Presented by Trumbull Youth Association. Produced by Mary Joan Wright & Merial Cornell. Directed by Brett Boles. Music Direction by David Harris. Choreography by Lisa Menelli. Scenic Manager/Props by Cathy Bolton. Lighting Design by Kevin Michael Reed with Jess Rende. Set Design by Sam Maloney & Stephanie Bont. Set Construction by Cindy Bongo and Friends. Sound by Horizon Sound. Costumes by Mary Joan Wright & Merial Cornell. Stage Management by Rachel Tropp. Theatrical Flying by Fly By Foy. Production Photography by Sam Maloney, Kevin Michael Reed, Sydney Sirkin, Jill Clark, Mimi Leonard, Donna DeLucia, and Derek Sterling.

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