“JOY DONZE: 13 & Not Pregnant” – August 2017

Producer, Lighting Design

August 2017

Producer, Lighting Design

Edinburgh Festival Fringe
Greenside@Infirmary St

Presented by Squire Lane Theatrical (US).
Written and Performed by Joy Donze.
Directed by Mia Capotorto Sommese.

Choreography by Benjamin Paul Rowan.
Costume Design by Anthony Hagan.
Lighting Design by Kevin Michael Reed.
Stage Manager Ange Lopilato.
Produced by Kevin Michael Reed.
Associate Producer Uju Enendu.
Publicist Chris Hislop.

★★★★ Mumble Theatre


With 90’s musical dance tantrums, heartbreaking journal entries, and the severing of dolls heads, 13 & Not Pregnantpresents the aggressively hormonal writings of a Midwestern US, nineties, pre-teen as she navigates her erratically evolving girlhood.

The entire show is verbatim entries from Joy Donze‘s 6th grade journal, massaged and spliced & diced in the rehearsal room with Director Mia Capotorto Sommese. The show is developed to be first and foremost universally entertaining. Beyond that, Joy Donze explains, “I wanted go back and explore this crucial pivotal time we all go through; Puberty. When we search within our tormenting selves and dare to ask….who am I?”


“This is a double feature EVERYONE should see! has created 2 amazing plays about teenage life
– @Panto-WHAT?!, via Twitter

“13 and Not Pregnant’ . All men should attend. It’s an education. Joy’s diary should be education policy.”
– Will Teller, via Twitter

“Easily one of my top Fringe picks! Ever been a teenage girl? Ever wanted to know what it feels like to BE a teenage girl? This show is perfect. Hilarious and smart, it’s 45min of sheer teenage manic energy with astounding heart. Kudos to Joy for throwing all of her considerable energy and talent into a truly phenomenal show.”
– Emilie D, via EdFringe.com Audience Reviews

“Saw @squirelanefilms Joy Donze, a hilarious show which uses verbatim diary entries to poke fun at teenage life – go see it! #greensidefamily”
– Les Siege of Herons, via Twitter

“So this is real life, & that’s what makes it beautiful… Watching Joy is like driving down an empty motorway on a summer’s night, in the fast lane, with your full beam on, listening to some bangin’ tunes. For the whole show!”
– Damo, MumbleTheatre.net

“Hilarious poignant and shockingly honest!”
– Karen Ludwig, Solo performer

“I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard for the entire duration of a show. Go see Joy Donze! SO FUNNY”
– Daniel Kwiatkowski, The Hollows

“What a fab funny funny show. Go see her!”
– Richard Mazda, Executive Producer, The Secret Theatre NYC

“13 and Not Pregnant was both hilarious and honest. It lovingly takes a journey back to a time where EVERYTHING matters. Young Joy thinks she knows everything, but the audience can laugh and relate, because we know she knows nothing.”
– Pamela Wess, Filmmaker

“This show is amazing! Funny and heartfelt. Go if you can. GO. Like seriously.”
– Lorne Svarc, Playwright


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