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Posted by kmreed | 25 August 2016
That bug… it bites hard.

A bug bit me. It really is tiny little bug, you can barely see it, but once it clenches its teeth on you, just forget it because you're a goner. Its venom (do bugs have venom?) rushes through your veins, takes over your body and pushes your soul towards one thing... You can't stop it. The muscle...

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Posted by kmreed | 21 August 2016
A new skyline awaits.

This photograph above was why I got my studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn to begin with. I walked in to the space right before sunset on a beautiful day in May five years ago. The first words out of my mouth to the agent: "I'll take it." I didn't care what the rent was, or that he would...

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Posted by kmreed | 18 August 2016
Omran "This is Omran. He's alive. We wanted you to know." We see so much war on television news, in movies, on tv shows. In a way we've become desensitized to the destruction, almost to the point where we don't even see what is happening in the world around us. I'm not sharing this video...

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Posted by kmreed | 18 August 2016
"you cannot expect life to be about creating things and making beauty"

Someone once very close to me directed these words to me on more than one occasion, "you cannot expect life to be about creating things and making beauty. That's a hobby, not a job." I paraphrase. I beg to differ. I believe that my sole purpose on this earth is to create, to get people...

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Posted by kmreed | 20 January 2016
Ideas come, Ideas lost.

Though I work on other projects between drafts, I find it hard to go back and forth between screenplays that I'm writing, or to start work on a shorter form screenplay while I'm waist deep in a rewrite of one of my longer form projects. I know I should just finish a project and then...

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Posted by kmreed | 1 September 2015
First Draft of Her Hollywood

It's Done... Or not. A couple weeks ago, I finished writing the first draft (and a necessary rewrite) of "Her Hollywood," a feature-length screenplay based on a short story, of the same name, by Michael Hyde. I first read Michael's piece in the Summer of 2014 and the story just wouldn't leave my mind. The original text was...

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Posted by kmreed | 29 August 2015
Storyteller… My purpose.

Like nearly every storyteller since the beginning of time, I want to get people to think about the human condition. We live in a period of history where media surrounds us and ideas get lost in five hundred channels of television. Print advertising in magazines and posters on the subway are drowned out by the...

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Posted by kmreed | 31 January 2015
What’s Next?

I'm currently wrapping up a full revision of "A Different Life," the feature length screenplay that I've been working on since September. It's not done by any means, but I feel it's time to step away for a couple months and have some people read it before I start another revision. "A Different Life" is...

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Posted by kmreed | 13 January 2015
Wait, What? I’m a writer?

I've had a few careers in my 35 years in this life. Growing up, I always said I would be the next Baryshnikov, but like most kids my infinite imagination also told me I would be a doctor, lawyer, lighting designer, broadway star, computer programmer, producer, director and only my mother knows the rest. After...

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Posted by kmreed | 17 November 2014
Miami Fashion Film Festival 2014

In Mid-September, my co-director Tudor Vasilescu and I went down to South Beach for the Miami Fashion Film Festival (MIAFFF).  Our film, "Androgyny" was one of 75 films that were shown over the four day festival. Now in its second year, the MIAFFF is run by Grace Castro, the founder of Fashion Inspires More, a non-profit that is dedicated...

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