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Posted by kmreed | 22 August 2016
The Humans

Last Wednesday night at about 6:00PM, I texted my good friend, "What are you doing tonight?" Her response, "Well, I have some unpacking to do, a desk drawer to be cleaned..." I don't even care about the rest of the response, it was mundane housework. My solution, "Great. Let's go see a show." Without waiting...

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Posted by kmreed | 30 May 2015
Thoughts after reading “BIRDMAN (or The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)”

Birdman is the story of a dried up actor, Riggan Thomson who played a superhero (Bird Man) in films, hoping to making a comeback by starring in his own Broadway production. This attempt to breath life into his career is faced with every possible obstacle including a daughter just out of rehab, an ex-wife, an...

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Posted by kmreed | 27 May 2015
A. Ione Williams, photographer: a review

A. Ione Williams is a fine art and documentary photographer based in the New York City using her imagery both as a way of connecting with inner self and communicating with others around her. The majority of her work is created in black & white using traditional 35mm and Medium Format film capture techniques and...

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Posted by kmreed | 19 November 2014
When Chaos Meets Order: Shai Kremer’s “World Trade Center: Concrete Abstract”

Shai Kremer's "World Trade Center: Concrete Abstract #17", 2001-2013 Walking into yet another show that focuses on September 11th can start to feel monotonous: the buildings on fire, mass piles of destruction, firemen crying because of loss.  Thirteen years after the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, it's all been done. I thought. Shai Kremer's World Trade...

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