I work in theatre, film and television
and am currently working towards a
M.F.A. at The Lir, National Academy of Dramatic Art, in DUBLIN.


I’m a storyteller…

Master of Fine Arts, Theatre Directing
The Lir, National Academy of Dramatic Art, Dublin
(in progress)

Master of Arts, with Merit, Creative Writing (Playwriting)
City, University of London, London

Graduate Studies, Media Studies
The New School for Public Engagement, NYC

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Photography
Minors: History of Art, English
Fashion Institute of Technology, NYC

Associates in Applied Science, Photography
Fashion Institute of Technology, NYC

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“Like nearly every storyteller since the beginning of time, I want to get people to think about the human condition. We live in a period of history where media surrounds us and ideas get lost in five hundred channels of television. Print advertising in magazines and posters on the subway are drowned out by the latest Apple-manufactured, internet-connected device proliferating our ears, our eyes, our minds.  On a daily basis, interests and opinions are swayed by false information wrapped in beautiful new media packaging, where the semiotics of language and imagery become even more important than ever before.  I would like to use my creative talents to bring my ideas and stories to the masses through the use of media, traditional and new, and the stage, traditional and experimental, and explore methods of breaking through the clutter that surrounds us to touch hearts and minds.”

I am always interested in collaborating with like-minded artists, companies or clients who are working on projects that seek to do good in the world or explore subject matter that seeks to challenge the common denominator, no matter the venue, medium or skill tool-set required.

I'd love to hear about your project.
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I am a playwright and screenwriter. I also use this blog to comment on art, society and things that boggle my mind.


As the lead producer at Squire Lane Theatrical (US and UK), I have extensive experience bringing new works to the stage. I have produced and developed theatrical projects in New York, London, and Edinburgh, with plans to bring other productions on the road.


My theatre directing practice focuses on developing new works and telling socially motivated stories that are hardly told on the stage. As a techie, designer, photographer and filmmaker, I enjoy exploring how my experience in other media can affect the design and staging of new productions.

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I have had the pleasure of working with some fantastic teams as a lighting, set and production designer for theatre.

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Focusing on bringing interesting, timely and socially relevant stories to the big screen and television. My film work is produced thru Squire Lane Films, Inc. I have worked as a producer, director and cinematographer in the film industry.

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I have consulted on projects for companies, productions and individuals big and small. I primarily consult on advertising, marketing, production, and social media, including for London, New York and Fringe Festival projects. Each consulting project is taken on a case-by-case basis.

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Though I have left my photography career behind, I ran my successful fashion photography studio for 17 years. Working with top designer brands throughout the world. I still consult from time to time with photography studios and brands.

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Kevin Michael Reed is not only a Director. He is a visionary. Most of all Kevin is extremely talented and a pleasure to work with. Kevin is always open and willing to share and understand new concepts and ideas.

CARGUIL L.G. WEBLEY - Playwright / Producer

Kevin is a theatrical powerhouse – writer, director, producer and all-round great guy to work with…. he has a knack for surrounding himself with the kind of people who make working in this field so worthwhile.

CHRIS HISLOP - Freelance Publicist / Producer

We spent a great deal of time together planning and producing a lot of successful work together. His vision of what he wanted was always clear, and made work a lot easier. He treated me like an equal, and that made me work harder for him.

JOSEPH MIRISOLA - Photographer / Videographer
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QUOTE: Richard Avedon, 1988.

“I believe in maniacs. I believe in type As. I believe that you’ve got to love your work so much that it is all you want to do. I believe you must betray your mistress for your work, you betray your wife for your work, I believe that she must betray you for her work....

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